Wo immer der Wind weht...!

projection mapping


Within the cooperation with the ballet dance school Tanz im Lichthaus
the piece „Wo immer der Wind weht ...!" was performed in July 2015 Bremen.

Thematically the performance leads against the backdrop of the Lichthaus and its vicinity through the seasons. The sound compositions of Antonio Vivaldi among others accompany the dancers through the 13 stations. Team Raummaschine produced several dance videos for this piece. They were integrated within the dance as well as animation scenes for a choreographic interaction between projection and dancers.

Premiere: July 15, 2015



Technical directors : Moritz Richartz, Simon Ulbricht, Hendrik Lüdders
Camera Operator : Moritz Richartz, Cantufan Klose
Film Editor : Moritz Richartz, Simon Ulbricht, Cantufan Klose
Animator : Hendrik Lüdders
Documentation directors : Simon Ulbricht

Tanz im Lichthaus

Dramatic director : Carolin Böse-Krings
Dramatic adviser : Gregor Dreykluft, Magali Sander-Fett, Hakan Sonakalan

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