Imago Floris

mapping people


Imago Floris was under the Fleurop Interflora - World Cup 2015 in Berlin produced
by the groups URBANSCREEN, Stelzen-Art, Oakleaf and Raummaschine.

The dynamic video mapping performance is an evolution of "Imago Caeli" show, with uniquely developed images and choreography for this event. As with Imago Caeli the Illumination of the costumes was supported by a Kinect based system to achieve a real-time customized projection.

Premiere: June 13, 2015



Technical directors : Moritz Richartz, Simon Ulbricht, Hendrik Lüdders
Documentation director : Moritz Richartz


Art director : Julian Hölscher
Dramatic adviser : Till Botterweck
Project Manager : Janna Schmidt


Art directors : Janine Jaeggi, Martin Sasse
Stilt Performer : Janine Jaeggi
Technical manager : Martin Sasse
Costume : Light-Flower

Oakleaf Creativity

Art director : Bettina Eichblatt
Stilt-performers : Bettina Eichblatt, Sabine Bechle
Technical manager : Piet Koenekoop
Costumes : Moon & Universe


Sound Composition

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