Imago Caeli

mapping people


Imago Caeli was premiered on February 6, 2015 on the occasion
of 30th anniversary of Bremer Samba Carneval.

This multimedia performance is the first result of the cooperation of groups Oakleaf, Stelzen-Art and Raummaschine. From the concept of figures inspired images are thrown into a tailor-made projection on the costumes of the stilt. The costumes are equipped with a ventilation systemt to maintain the designed air chambers under pressure. These shapes are utilized as a projection surface. Using the Kinect depth sensor and the software vvvv we developed a system to enable a tailor-maid projection in real time. The system consists of a dynamic masking of video content and position tracking section. The performer is free to move without the lost of the impression of a perfectly fitting projection. In order to achieve more mobility within the show the hardware elements are bundled on a mobile vehicle. The costumes are also equipped with LEDs for self-illumination.

Premiere: June 13, 2015

Shows: Aalborg-Carneval (DK, 2015), STAMP Festival (GER, 2015)



Technical directors : Simon Ulbricht
Art directors : Moritz Richartz, Hendrik Lüdders
Documentation director : Moritz Richartz


Art directors : Janine Jaeggi, Martin Sasse
Stilt Performer : Janine Jaeggi
Technical manager : Martin Sasse
Costume : Flower

Oakleaf Creativity

Art director : Bettina Eichblatt
Stilt-performers : Bettina Eichblatt, Sabine Bechle
Technical manager : Piet Koenekoop
Costumes : Moon & Universe


Sound Composition: Tim Georg Heinze, Richard Leroy Oeckel

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